Will Robins

Growing up in the United Kingdom, Robins moved to the United States to play college golf in Monterey, California, and graduated with a BBA in Marketing and Management from Northwood University in Florida in 2000.

Robins carved a career playing on the mini tours in the US before an incident on his honeymoon changed his life forever, and guided his future coaching philosophy.

Robins and his wife sustained injuries in the Indian Ocean tsunami, and these injuries put a stop to his playing days and ultimately led him into coaching.

Early in his coaching career, Robins noticed that most students came to him in a state of frustration which had reached a point where they no longer enjoyed golf. He took his playing skills and experience of survival to tailor a coaching program to inspire his students to love the game of golf again.

A certified PGA professional, Robins is revolutionising global golf instruction through his coaching programs, guaranteeing results for players and doubling teaching/coaching revenue for instructors.

He owns WRGolf Coaching and is CEO of Robins Golf Logistix (RGX), based in Sacramento County, CA, where he mentors more than 80 coaches worldwide on implementing accelerated and guaranteed result programs.

Through his coaching and speaking, Robins inspires employees, clients and teams to overcome seemingly impossible objections and challenges and come out as better people.

Elle Steele

Elle Steele, a woman of unparalleled achievements, seamlessly combines the worlds of Paralympic glory, lingerie modeling, entrepreneurship, and psychic energy healing.

Born with a congenital disability called Arthrogryposis and Amniotic band syndrome, she overcame over 30 surgeries and the need to relearn walking five times, guided by her father’s unwavering belief in her ability to not only walk but dance.

Elle’s life journey, shaped by a positive mindset, a deep connection to water for spiritual healing, and a commitment to personal growth, has extended beyond athletic triumphs, leading her to empower others through teaching psychic healing and delivering a clear message of embracing uniqueness and navigating challenges with inner strength.

Bachar Houli

A triple Premiership player and All-Australian on-field, playing 232 AFL games over 15 seasons for both Richmond and Essendon, the mark Bachar Houli’s has left in football stretches long beyond the MCG and Punt Road.

Off the field, Bachar is the AFL’s first devout Muslim. He has helped bring to life a number of initiatives that have generated great community impact in a short time, creating the Bachar Houli Cup and the Bachar Houli Foundation, both focused on providing opportunities for youth in the community through making sport more accessible for all.